Elderly man to serve 21-year jail term for defiling a minor

An elderly man has been sentenced to a 21-year jail term by a Nakuru court for defiling a 14 years old girl.

Principal magistrate Liz Gicheha found Elijah Mburu, 68, guilty on his own plea on charges of defiling 14 years old minor.

“The accused pleaded guilty to defiling the minor and I, therefore, consider the prosecution case as proven beyond reasonable doubt, the accused is convicted to serve 21 years in prison” ruled Gicheha.

According to the court, the prosecution had proven their case beyond reasonable doubt.

The youngest son had testified of how he busted his father defiling the minor and alerted her mother who raised an alarm and neighbours came.

Mburu had been accused of allegedly defiling a fourteen years old girl on August 31, 2017, at Mukungugu village within Njoro Sub County.

Mburu faced a second account of an indecent act with a child by touching her private parts.

The court had heard that the minor allegedly had been sent by her mother to a nearby shop to buy items but she lost the money on her way and the minor due to fear decided to spent the night at the accused’s house.

Mburu had denied the charges at plea stage telling the court that he hosted the minor in his house for the night and did not sleep wither her.

He was arrested and taken to Mau-Narok police station where he was charged with the offence before a court.

He, later on, changed his plea to guilty and admitted to defiling the minor, but asked the court to forgive him, swearing that he would never commit the crime again.

“I did sleep with the girl but I do apologize. I pray that the court to be lenient and sentence me to a term not exceeding 5 years. Your honour kindly consider my age,” the accused pleaded.

“I note the offence committed is serious. The victim was proved to be 14 years according to the birth certificate documents produced by her parents and therefore she is a minor” the magistrate said.

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