Opinion: In Miguna saga, government has gone rogue


Fellow Kenyans; It is unfortunate that a Kenyan citizen is being subjected to inhuman treatment by the very government that swore to uphold the rule of law and protect its citizen. Kenyans believed that after the handshake we buried our political differences and embraced each other to forge ahead for the betterment of our country. Unfortunately, we’ve become masters of preaching water and drinking adulterated wine. If the government cannot obey court orders why should Wanjiku do? A state which savagely represses or persecutes its people cannot be regarded as…

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Nakuru Law student lashes out at government over Miguna’s tribulations

A Nakuru Law student has weighed in on the tribulations that controversial Lawyer Miguna Miguna is undergoing. Bernard Omwandho a student of law in one of the Universities in Nakuru has questioned why the government has shown contempt to court orders. According to Omwandho, the court order was very clear directing that government through immigration department facilitate the return of lawyer Miguna Miguna in the country. The law student now argues that if the trend where State continues to disobey court orders then the country is headed in the wrong…

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Opinion: PM Abiy Ahmed Nobel Peace prize should Birth New Africa Voice

Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed Ali

The choice of Ethiopia’s Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed Ali (PhD), as the recipient of the highly coveted Nobel Peace Prize, has brought special excitement and a sense of hope of a new beginning in Africa. Abiy Ahmed’s election as Prime Minister in 2018 raised optimism in the continent, and his tireless efforts to bring about reconciliation and peace not only in his country, Ethiopia but also in the continent have brought new hope to many people. As a Prime Minister, Dr Abiy, a 40-year-old young leader, has demonstrated that beyond…

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Opinion: Children circumcision should be banned!

The month of December is one that comes with a series of parties and celebrations in Kenya. One such festival is circumcision for most boys transitioning to “adulthood” aged ten years to fifteen years, some even earlier than this age. It is at these celebrations that the boy child “faces the knife” even though he is too young to enter into such a commitment. While these actions might pass as “celebrations,” for some of these children, it is a nightmare. The Kenyan constitutional provisions are very protective of anyone below…

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