CCM proposes 45% of national resources be channeled to counties

Chama Cha Mashinani party has proposed that 45% of national resources be channeled to Counties as a way of strengthening devolution.

The party is further proposing the election of Ward Development committee with chairman elected in every Primary school.

Addressing media in Nakuru on Thursday after holding a consultative meeting with other party officials, CCM Party Leader Isaac Ruto said the only way to strengthen devolution is by ensuring resources are channeled to counties.

According to the CCM Leader, of the 45% allocation from the National kitty,15% should be channeled to ward level adding that this will enable wards be independent on matters infrastructure for schools and other local projects.

The funds appropriated by Counties but utilized at Ward level.

“As a party we are saying that let there be 45% allocation from the National kitty to counties, 15% of which should be channeled to ward level” said Ruto.

In the proposals that the CCM party is expected to submit to the BBI Taskforce at the KICC, the party is also opposed to the creation of regional governments but roots for the election of competent MCAs as CECs at county level.

While stating that local leadership should drive the local economy at county level, the CCM party says tenders should be done at Ward level so that there is better money circulation within the county.

With this, the party believes the youths and women will also be able to get contracts.

However, as much as CMM roots for more revenue at county level and wards, the party warns that the loclataxatio9n should be taken seriously to avert being a burden to common citizens in counties.

“We are also of the view that local taxation should be taken seriously so that it does not hamper locals. We have to be careful how we are doing taxation at the counties to avert suffering of the people” said Ruto.

Since its formation, CCM as an independent political party has maintained a unique philosophy and basis for its formation which roots for, among other things, entrenching devolution, decentralization of power, taking services and resources closer to the people at the grassroots, public participation, respect for the Constitution and embracing all tenets of democracy.

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