CHVs decry shortage of toilets in slums as county marks World Toilet Day

Community health volunteers have decried shortage of toilets in slum dwelling areas within Nakuru County.

Speaking on Monday during this year’s World Toilet day celebrations held at Nakuru’s Kaptembwa Primary, the CHVs said most slum areas such as Kaptembwa, Bondeni, and Rhoda lack sufficient toilets hence realizing high levels of hygiene is yet to be realized.

However they stated they are still doing sensitization on the need to have more toilets to meet the required standards.

“There is need for more latrines in Kaptembwa especially where the population is huge so as to avert the diseases” said Eunice Nyawira.

Sentiments echoed by Susan Ugalo who said as CHVs,they are the doctors at grass root level and are interacting with the people on daily basis sensitizing them on the need to ensure they have toilets.

She also sounded stern warning to those who do not have toilets and are still defecating in the bush that they are risking their health.

The CHVs also calling on the county government of Nakuru to ensure that slum areas have enough supply of water so as to ensure high standards of hygiene.

“We are appealing to the county government to ensure enough water supply in slum areas so that the locals can keep their toilets clean” said Ms Nyawira.

Despite the work done by this group of people, the government is yet to appreciate them with some going through financial strains.

Matlida Kioko is a CHV in Nakuru West Sub County and she says the government should recognize the work they do as volunteers and support them with a token.

She says if the government cannot support the work they do at grassroot level in ensuring health society, then even the big 4 agenda cannot be realized.

“Other counties have really embraced the CHVs but for us in Nakuru and more so Nakuru West we are forgotten. So we are appealing to our Governor if he can support us on the same” said Ms Matilda.

The ceremony was also attended by Nakuru County CEC for Health Dr.Gichuki Kariuki as well as other health stakeholders among them Amref Africa.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:CHVs addressing media at Nakuru’s Kaptembwa Primary during World Toilet Day.