KANU leadership speak on the impasse on disposal of party’s offices

A section of KANU leadership within the devolved units has expressed concern over the appalling disposal of the party’s offices across the country in a manner not consistent with the ideals of the party which has crippled the vibrancy of the party.

Speaking in Nakuru town, Nakuru county chairman John Mwangi Muthee said that the call by some leaders for refurbishments of the offices is shocking because most of the offices have been disposed by some leaders within the party calling for the protection of the properties.

Muthee further castigated the top leadership for being aloof in providing the leadership to the party through holding the branches and the supporters cohesively and informed of every development from time to time.

He said such disregard may hurt their chances to become a serious contestant in the forthcoming general elections.

PHOTO/Nation: KANU Nakuru Branch offices.