Karimi not happy with election of Manyara as JP Chair Nakuru

Naivasha Businessman James Karimi has strongly opposed the election of Former Nakuru MP David Manyara as Chairman Jubilee Party of Kenya Nakuru County in elections held at the Jubilee Party offices in Nakuru on Tuesday.
Addressing media in Nakuru, Karimi said the elections were unfair claiming it was a plan scheme of some individuals.
Karimi who was also in the race for the seat faulted the system used to come up with the party chairman in Nakuru saying it was unfair since the residents were not allowed to elect their own choice but a manipulation of some individuals.
“The Secretary General has announced that Manyara is the winner but that is not the case since only 11 representatives participated in the elections and not the residents” he said.
However, announcing the results, Jubilee Party Secretary General Veronicah Maina said the election was to fill 19 positions but the other positions were to be filled equally to ensure that even the minority and people with disability also get a chance.
The Jubilee Party Secretary General also warned the elected leaders not to serve with any discrimination but to ensure all members of the party in Nakuru feel their leadership.
Meanwhile, addressing media after emerging the winner, Manyara thanked the Nakuru residents and more so members of the Jubilee Party for speaking out their voice assuring them of peaceful campaigns and free and fair nominations.
“I want to thank thee people of Nakuru for coming out and speaking their voice through this election and I must assure you that with my experience I will serve you to ensure peaceful, free and fair nominations as well as elections” he said.
Manyara refuted claims that the election was not fair and that there were forces behind his election.
He added that the representatives from the 11 Nakuru Sub counties had decided unanimously on him to as the chairman.
“You have witnessed yourself what has taken place. All the representatives from the eleven sub counties decided on me and nothing more so the election was free and fair” he said.
Eleven Positions were filled in the elections with Jubilee Party Secretary General Veronicah Maina promising to fill the other 8 positions fairly.

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