Kikuyu elders call for constitution amendment to ensure inclusivity

Kikuyu elders under the Kikuyu Council of elders are now calling on political leaders and other stakeholders to have a dialogue on constitutional amendments.

Addressing media in Nakuru on Saturday led by the Council national chairman Ndung’u Gaithuma, the elders decried that there is still major gap as far as leadership is concerned more so on the presidential.

According to the elders, if the amendments are not done now, the country might fall into darkness in future.

“In order to arrest these issues of power there is need to ensure that we have amendments to the constitution so that we can have inclusive leadership” said Gaithuma.

Sentiments echoed by former Njoro MP Joseph Kiuna who is also a member of the Kikuyu council of elders.

The former Njoro legislator stated that in order to avert the chaos of leadership that have been experienced before, there is need for constitution amendment.

“As a politician I believe time is now to9 make amendments to the constitution and ensure the errors that are there are sorted out before 2022 so that every Kenyan will feel part of leadership” said Kiuna.

While lauding President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga on their famous handshake that ensured peace across the country, the Kikuyu Council of elders said they support the move.

They however distanced themselves from the 2022 politics calling on politicians to shelve the same and rather focus on development agenda.

“2022 politics should be shelved and the focus should be on the big 4 agenda. We as Kikuyu council of elders we support the President and the move he has taken to unite the country even the handshake” said the elders.

The Kikuyu elders once again reiterated their support for President Uhuru Kenyatta as the spokesperson of the Kikuyu community.

They argued that those going around being installed as spokespersons of the community are people who have lost direction and have their own personal interest.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Kikuyu council of elders addressing media in Nakuru on Saturday 4th August 2018 led by the national Chair Ndung’u Gaithuma.