Kimani Ngunjiri reveals possible parallel Jubilee office in Nakuru due to wrangles

Bahati Member of Parliament Onesmus Kimani Ngujiri has faulted the elections of Interim Jubilee Leadership in Nakuru claiming the exercise was full of malpractices.
Addressing media in Nakuru on Monday morning, Kimani Ngunjiri said he has already written a complain to the Jubilee secretariat for action to be taken adding that if that will not be dealt with then they will be forced to form a parallel office.
He added that if the leadership wrangles facing Jubilee Party in Nakuru is not solved immediately then it will be a blow to the top leadership.
“This zone is a stronghold of President Uhuru Kenyatta but the problem that is here is that we are mixing the politics of 2017 and that of 2022 which will cause us problems and am shocked the head office is saying that the elections were free and fair. Something need to be done” he said.
The Bahati Legislator also faulted Governor Kinuthia Mbugua for remaining silent even when there was wrongs in the way the elections were conducted at the Former TNA offices in Nakuru.
Kimani Ngunjiri noted that even the other 8 positions that were to be filled as announced by Veronica Maina the presiding officer were not filled procedural as it was done in a closed hotel meeting an issue he says should be investigated.
He also questioned those fighting KANU as a political party yet the party had stated clearly that it was supporting the Jubilee Presidential bid.
“KANU has stated clearly that it will support President Uhuru Kenyatta, but then why are we fighting KANU because of the 2022 elections? The office of the DP should focus on 2017 and stop engaging in politics that will destroy the 2017” he said.
His sentiments were echoed by KANU chairman Nakuru Branch John Ngunjiri who reiterated that KANU as a party was supporting President Uhuru Kenyatta.
According to the KANU chair Nakuru Branch, the Democratic right of the party should be respected without any intimidation whatsoever.
“As a party we shall support President Uhuru Kenyatta and that will not hinder us from fishing some few MCAs here and there as long as we support the head of state” he said.
Ibrahim Ndwiga of former UDF party affiliate of Jubilee Party said the issue of leadership wrangles in Nakuru’s Jubilee office should be addressed before 2017 general elections.

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