Let’s be vigilant against Jubilee Party spoilers

Today i was guest at Cooro FM Political Show hosted by Peter Karugu and it gave me an opportunity to discuss with great Kenyan minds about the recent Jubilee Party Elections , parties forthcoming Nominations and the Country’s 2017 General Election.

Let me inform you that there is growing suspicion in some key Jubilee Party supporters that among us there are individuals representing political forces that are against the success of the Party and its administration.

We all know that sometime back in June this year a few of our elected leaders were detained in Pangani Police Station for several days and after they were released , they shared a meal with CORD leaders.

For someone who is curious and observant , you cannot fail to see that one of these Jubilee leaders has since turned his guns against the Jubilee top leadership condemning and criticizing every decision made by team UhuRuto and its supporters at every juncture.

Could this be a suicide mission to end his elective term by ensuring that UhuRuto team doesn’t succeed in Nakuru county in favour of other forces that he might be supporting such as KANU ?

We know KANU and ODM leaders are working closing to ensure UhuRuto don’t succeed in North and Central Rift in the coming general election!

We know that KANU political diehards have “sleeper cells” within Jubilee that might be working to dis-stabilize our young Jubilee Party which hold the greatest promise for majority of Kenyans who are the youth.

We must therefore be Vigilant against any attempts to frustrate the success of the Jubilee Party by rejecting and blocking any moves that might hurt the party.

We ask those funding and promoting these “sleeper cells” and moles for ODM and KANU within Jubilee to leave and allow the party to grow without their unwarranted influence before it too late for the sake of saving their political career or interest.


Crispus Wathimba,
Bahati Consituency,
MP Aspirant.

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