Mbugua warns cattle rustlers in Nakuru

Nakuru County leaders have sounded a warning to criminals following frequent cases of cattle rustling in Kuresoi and the killing of a middle aged man in unclear circumstances in Muchorwe Molo on Monday night.

As Security officers intensify patrols in the area, Nakuru Governor Kinuthia Mbugua and Molo Mp Jacob Macharia while on a tour of Molo on Thursday stated clearly that criminals will be dealt with on individual basis but not on the basis of their tribal affiliation.

The two called on residents of Kuresoi and Molo to embrace peace and shun politicians who incite them while cris-crossing their area seeking for votes.

“ Nakuru county has had a history of repeated violence every time election comes and as leaders we have vowed since 2013 that no person will pack and leave Nakuru county owing to violence occasioned by political incitement” he said.

Mbugua added that residents of Molo and Kuresoi were best placed to uphold the peace in the region as they are conversant with the challenges they face in common as locals.

On his part ,Molo MP Jacob Macharia said that those planning revenge missions and aligning themselves on tribal lines will be dealt with irrespective of their social status.

“Molo and Kuresoi regions cannot afford to return to scenes similar to those of 2007-2008 since tremendous achievements have been made in matters development”