Nakuru Residents ridicule Governor’s Christmas tree

Nakuru County residents have taken to social media mocking a Kshs. 5 million tree launched recently by the Nakuru County Government.

The Christmas tree that was launched by Nakuru County Governor HE Lee Kinyanjui on Wednesday, 19th December has been ridiculed with some people calling it a tent.

The Christmas tree is said to have cost the county Kshs. 5 million with some seeing that as a misplaced priority.

“Who needs a 5 Million Christmas tree when the county can’t even manage its drainage?” Posed one resident on social media.

On the day the tree was being launched, raw sewage freely flowed along the towns main street, Kenyatta Avenue, causing lots of convenience to business owners, motorists and the general public.

“The Java Hotel at CK Plaza along Kenyatta Avenue was forced to close its doors to keep away the smell. I believe the business and many others lost a lot of business due to the smelly flowing raw sewage that kept clients away,” says a resident who runs a business at Shoppers Paradise along Kenyatta Avenue.

Back to the Christmas tree, some are seeing it as an ugly edifice adding no value to the county.

“It looks more like a tent than a tree. I wonder why they didn’t go for something simple and appealing even if it was just a cypress tree branch,” says another.

However, those in support of the Christmas tree says its a work of art that shows creativity asking those ridiculing it to instead look at the creative side of it.

“Ours is a unique kind of Christmas tree unlike any other. It shows creativity and those calling it names should instead look at the creative side,” said a defender of the tree.

On the matter of the cost, which some people claim was something to the tune of Kshs. 5,000,000 the supporters say the bulk of the money went into feeding street families and providing other gifts to the needy.

Here are some of the interesting tweets concerning the Christmas Tree.

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