Nakuru Senator ditches Jubilee, joins KANU

Nominated Nakuru Senator Paul Njoroge Ben

A Nakuru County nominated Senator, Paul Njoroge Ben has decamped from Jubilee to KANU but vowed to support President Uhuru Kenyatta.
In a statement released a day after the Jubilee Party elections for interim officials in Nakuru, the outspoken senator said that he had ditched Jubilee because of what he termed as rigging during the elections.
In the same statement, the senator gives an indirect scathing attack at the deputy president William Ruto. He just falls just short of asking the president to ditch Ruto as running mate in 2017.
Below is his full statement as he posted on his Facebook page;
Dear Kenyans, I have decided to defect from Jubilee party, a party I was a member of steering committee during its formation.
I believe in fairness and also believe that if Uhuru Kenyatta is given a second term by Kenyans, he will leave this country a better country than how he found it. If only he can get a credible and a person of high integrity as his Deputy President, have a team of leaders who would not steal from Kenyans, Uhuru Kenyatta would leave this country as a country to be admired by the world.
One thing I like about him is that he is not a thief. I believe this time round, Kenyans will not vote in leaders because of the Parties they come from. Last time we elected mostly thieves in the name of suit; look for instance at most of the leaders who contested through TNA, URP, and were elected because of suit policy which was brought forward by the party leaders. These are the same leaders and especially Some Governors, Members of National Assembly who have assisted the Chief Architect in draining the resources of this country by stealing money from this country, making it very difficult for Kenyans.
This time round, the same architect cheated members of parliament who passed a law that denied party hopping even after a direct rigging would be witnessed during party nominations. Members of parliament were given some token for them to support that crazy idea, which was manufactured by just one person.
This is all about 2022 campaign strategy, forgetting that we have 2017 elections, which if not looked well, Uhuru might lose and especially if he doesn’t change the running mate come 2017 elections as Kenyans are very tired of corruption.
Fellow Kenyans, I personally witnessed rigging which took place in Jubilee party Nakuru elections whereby Manyara was imposed to be the chairman of Nakuru County contrary to majorities wish. The rigging which took place in Nakuru on Tuesday during JP party officials elections and especially Nakuru, where the Deputy President is behind all the mess of that election, left me with no choice but to defect to KANU.
I will contest for the Governor seat using KANU ticket in the coming elections. This time round I hope our President will not persuade JP Members to elect suit as he has other parties who will be having candidates who will be supporting him.
My Presidential vote is for Uhuru as KANU will not have another Presidential Candidate.
Nominated Senator Paul Njoroge Ben.

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