NCIC warns politicians fanning hatred in BBI rallies

Politicians have been warned against uttering incitement messages in the ongoing Building Bridges Initiative rallies across the country.

The National Cohesion and Integration Commission says even as momentum gains on the BBI report in the country, Political class should be careful not to use the process to cause division among Kenyans.

Addressing media in Nakuru on Thursday after holding a 2-hours meeting with Rift valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya, the NCIC commissioners led by Danvas Makori said as a commission they will take stern action against such politicians.

Commissioner Makori while noting that Rift Valley region was key to the stability of the nation, said they will work closely with the security team and the commission to ensure cohesion.

He added that the Commission is already putting in place mechanisms to ensure the Rift Valley region which has in the past experienced tension through cattle rustling and banditry attacks as well as political unrests is peaceful towards 2022.

Commissioner Makori once again urging politicians in the region and Kenya as a whole to desist from utterances that might incite communities against each other.

“Our Mandate is to ensure cohesion and unity even as we look forward for a referendum. We urge politicians to shun incitement messages in the BBI rallies. As a Commission we shall be following up keenly and act as per the law” said Commissioner Makori.

Sentiments echoed by Commissioner Samuel Kona who noted that Rift valley region has in the past faced several conflicts ranging from cross-border county conflicts to cattle rustling and banditry attacks.

The Commissioner is however quick to state that solutions to the problems can be reached at if the genuine grievances of the various parties.

“The problems we are facing in this country on matters of cohesion and unity can be solved if we get the genuine grievances and that is what as a commission we are doing” said Commissioner Kona.

On her part Commissioner Dorcas Kedogo calling for a collective responsibility in ensuring a cohesive Kenya.

While revealing that the Commissioner has handled over 38 cases involving the political class, said a times the cases are weakened since no Kenyans turn up to give evidence.

She however says the Political class has now began to sense the weight of the commission as witnessed during the BBI rally in Mombasa where NCIC agents were keenly monitoring.

According to Commissioner Kedogo, Kenyans and Media can help the commission by sharing any information through SMS number 15666.

“We have around 38 cases and we are not actually toothless. We call on Kenyans to join us in ensuring a cohesive and united Kenya” said Commissioner Kedogo.

Rift Valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya on his part assuring the region that the government is doing all to ensure peace.

He said already the issue of cattle rustling is being dealt with through additional deployment in the areas of Baringo County.The RC was however quick to note that the issue of ethnic hatred can only be dealt with through change of mind of the locals.

“As a government we have the right hardware in place to address conflicts arising from cattle rustling activities but for the ethnic hatred it calls for the change of minds of the locals and that is where NCIC comes in” said Natembeya.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Rift Valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya flanked by Commissioners from the National Cohesion and Integration Commission addressing media in Nakuru on January 30th,2020.