Residents raise concerns over DP’s 10 million cash spent at Kajiado goat auction

A section of residents of Nakuru town have raised concerns over the Monday move where Deputy President William Ruto carried Kshs.10 million at a goat auction in Kajiado County whereas Kenyans are facing harsh times in economy.

Led by Nakuru business person Simon Ole Nasieku, the locals are surprised that the Deputy President can carry such huge money when Kenyans are suffering with the increased cost of living.

Ole Nasieku is now calling on President Uhuru Kenyatta to mean his word as far as Lifestyle audit is concerned.

“I am very saddened by the move by Deputy President on Monday to carry huge sum of money to a tune of Kshs.10 million at a goat auction in Kajiado County. I think the President should now mean it when it comes to lifestyle audit. Kenyans are suffering” said Nasieku.

Similar sentiments echoed by Nakuru Residents Association Chairman Eliasif Magoma who said Kenya is a country where the rich continue to become richer while the poor become poorer.

Magoma calling on the government of the day to come to the aid of common man to see to it that the economy favors all.

“The economy is deteriorating each and every day but even as this happens there are leaders who have huge money which they can afford to issue out in functions.

It is high time that Leaders think about the welfare of the common man” said Magoma.

It will be recalled at the Monday function, Mr. Ruto said the goats belonged to him and President Uhuru Kenyatta with each giving Ksh.5 million each for 700 goats.

One goat went for Ksh7, 500 at the auction.

There were 3,410 goats up for sale.The DP had one of his handlers bring the backpack containing the money and handed it over to the host governor Joseph Ole Lenku.“Take the money, I do not want any case filed against me,” Mr Ruto told Mr Lenku.

Last year December, the DP spent a staggering Ksh.12 million for 1,000 goats at the annual Kimalel goat auction in Baringo County. Each got was valued at Ksh12, 000.

PHOTO/Citizen Digital:Deputy President William Ruto handing over the huge sum of money to Governor Ole Lenku.