Retention of billions in Ministries hindering devolution-Lobby group

International Center for Policy and Conflict (ICPC) has expressed concern over the retention of billions of shillings in some of the national ministries while functions have been devolved hindering comprehensive realization of devolution in counties.

Addressing media at a Nakuru hotel, ICPC Executive Director Ndungu Wainaina lashed out at the ongoing devolution conference in Kakamega for failing to advance the push for complete transfer and costing of devolved functions that would help in accelerating the efficient delivery of services.

He said it is saddening to note that Ministry of Health continue to retain billions of shillings at the national level while leaving the counties struggling to budget for the few millions that trickle down.

This comes even as the doctors in Nakuru on Friday issued a strike notice for the implementation of their CBA by 3rd May 2018.

He said the national government should convert budgetary allocations for projects and send to county governments as special grants for implementation of such capital projects.



PHOTO/Nation:International Center for Policy and Conflict (ICPC)Executive Director Ndungu Wainaina.