Retrogressive culture major challenge in fight against FGM

Retrogressive cultures and sympathizers of Female Genital Mutilation –FGM perpetrators have been cited as major challenge in the fight against FGM.

According to Wendo Aszed who is the Founder of Dandelion Africa-a lobby group for the fight against FGM and GBV, a section of administrators have been sympathizing with the perpetrators once arrested.

Speaking on Tuesday during awareness campaign on the effects of FGM held at Mogotio town, Wendo while noting that FGM was a major challenge in Mogotio and Rongai called on the administrators to work closely with stakeholders in handling the same.

She added that the retrogressive cultures have made it so difficult to deal with the issue with women now being forced to undergo the FGM in order for them to take care of their circumcised sons.

“FGM is major challenge in Mogotio and Rongai with over 50 women having undergone the same in Banita due to the culture that they cannot cook for their sons who are circumcised if they are not cut” she said.

Aszed is optimistic that if the local administrators will work closely with the other stakeholders then there shall be success in the fight against the FGM.

While reiterating the need for male gender to be included fully in the fight against FGM, Aszed stated that as Dandelion Africa they will continue to create more awareness on the same so that the boy child and men can also come to understand the effects of FGM.

“We hope when we have the Dos and the chiefs and the administrators working together against the vise then shall we succeed in the fight. As an organization we will continue to create awareness and ensure that the boy child is also included in the conversation” said Aszed.

Over the last two years Dandelion Africa has been able to save at least 20 girls who were about to undergo the FGM withy this year the FGM cases having been reduced with only 10 cases reported.

Acting Assistant County Commissioner Mogotio Sub county Emmah Naswa who also attended the function called on residents to cooperate with administrators in the fight.

She revealed that four arrests have been made in the area concerning FGNM and they are being held in police custody waiting to be arraigned in court.

“As administration we are just calling on residents to assist withy information so that we can end this vice in our society” she said.

This even as Nations mark 16 days of activism which commenced on 25th November and expected to come to a close on 10th December .

The main activities in these days are towards creating awareness to end the Gender Based Violence against women.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Wendo Aszed who is the Founder of Dandelion Africa addressing media at Mogotio on Tuesday during an anti-FGM campaign.

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