Salat: KANU members to mourn Moi for another 40 days

Moi Burial

The Kenya African National Union (KANU) party has announced that members will continue to pay tribute to the late retired President Daniel Arap for 40 days. Speaking at Kabarak University during the late retired President Moi’s funeral service, KANU Secretary General Nick Salat said party members who were mentored by the late President will continue to visit Kabarak. According to Salat, this will happen after the normal 7 days of family mourning. He maintained that KANU as a party is still alive and strong despite the departure of the retired…

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Why KANU wants to revamp ahead of 2022

KANU party has announced that it will commence the process of revamping the party towards 2022 succession politics. In a statement read by the Party’s Secretary General Nick Salat during a strategic meeting in Nakuru over the weekend, the Independence party says it will embark on revamping the branches at the counties. “We shall be reopening the county offices as a way of revamping the party towards 2022”said Salat. According to Salat, the meeting that was also attended by the Party’s Chair who is also Baringo Senator Gideon Moi also…

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